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For details on competition dates see our Calendar list.


For details on the individual competition types  please click on the links below

We hold a different competition each fortnight throughout the year. Most of these are based on the old pistol courses of fire that have now been adopted  by the NRA for smallbore and fullbore gallery rifle competitions.


We also hold muzzle loading black powder and long barrelled revolver/pistol competitions


The club also holds a new year fun shoot and a club championship competition which involves multi discipline courses of fire to stretch the abilities of the best for an all round champion.


Multi target  Timed & Precision 1   Timed & Precision 2  Timed & Precision 3


25m precision MLR    25m Precision    Historic revolver    Classic precision   


Multi target 3    Phoenix A    ‘1500’   ‘1020’   Bianchi practical   The Granet   


New Year shoot   Club championship